Historic Buildings

In keeping with its uniquely historic atmosphere, Oak Bluffs is home to several nationally recognized landmarks:
The Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, situated four blocks from the Pequot Hotel, offers a unique experience for visitors. Consisting of nearly 300 imaginative and colorful "gingerbread" cottages, this is the most perfectly preserved collection of Carpenter Gothic style architecture in the world. The cottages are arranged in loose concentric circles around the open-air Tabernacle in Trinity Park.  Nearby Trinity United Methodist Church supports a year-round congregation.  During the summer season, concerts and other events take place in and around the Tabernacle.  In August, the annual "Grand Illumination" is a spectacle to behold.     
The Flying Horses Carousel, at the foot of Circuit Avenue and three blocks from the Pequot, is the nation's oldest operating platform carousel. It is one of two known carousels built by Charles W.F. Dare in 1876.  In 1884, the Flying Horses were brought to Oak Bluffs.  Local Vineyarders and visitors have been riding the painted ponies in hopes of catching the brass ring ever since.